Paphiopedilum Petula’s Paradise


Paphiopedilum Petula’s Paradise (Blushing Petula x callosum)

This should produce some excellent results. Both parents had huge flowers…the callosum was the largest I have ever seen.

There will be a mixture of pink flowers with a bright green center as well a vinicolor (burgundy) flowers. Every one will be a little different and unique.

Blooming size plants in 2.25″ pots

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Paphiopedilum Petula’s Paradise is a cross between (Blushing Petula x callosum). Both parents had huge flowers. The Paph callosum was the largest I have seen and it was completely flat. there will be many awards from this cross.

Both parents were burgundy, but the cross will produce a mixture of pink flowers and burgundy. Most should have a bright green center that will make the pink or burgundy really stands out.

These are easy to grow and flower. Just follow the tips for growing Maudiae type Paphs on our care page and you can’t go wrong!