Paphiopedilum Katai’s Golden Emerald


Paphiopedilum Katai’s Golden Emerald (select sibling cross)

Line bred at the Orchid Zone to produce exceptional flowers. We expect mostly solid greens but many will have white dorsals. There should be many awards from this cross.

Blooming size plants.

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Paphiopedilum Katai’s Golden Emerald is (Pacific Shamrock x Emerald Lake). The cross was made by the Orchid Zone. This particular group of seedlings came from a sibling cross made with two exceptional parents. The cross was made at the Orchid Zone, and we got the pod as the doors closed for the final time. The Orchid Zone often line bred their hybrids as a way to produce superior clones.

We expect some solid greens from this cross. Only a few have bloomed so far, and we have seen some white dorsals.