Paphiopedilum Flasks – New list posted 7/14/2022

Our flasks are the best way to get your hands on our most cutting edge breeding.


We are in the process of switching labs as our lab has retired. The pipeline is FULL of great new crosses, and we are finally seeing some new material.

To order flasks drop us a line by email and we will reserve them for you. We don’t have most of them listed individually online at this time.

Summer 2022 flask list

The summer list is very limited but there is some great stuff here! These will only be available for about a month as the flasks are less stable this time of year.

We are very selective about the plants we use for breeding. Our stud bench is filled with plants that we have collected for over a decade. As we had the good fortune of close access to the Orchid Zone, we were able to acquire many choice plants. The Orchid Zone was arguably the finest producer of Paphiopedilums in the world, and we are proud to carry on Terry’s legacy with many of our hybrids.

Our species flasks generally come from sibling crosses of OZ material, or outcrosses when we were able to source high quality plants. We have some of the finest Paph rothschildianum, fairrieanum and henryanum in the world. We are into our second and third generations of the latter two species and expect to raise the bar for quality.

Some of our flasks are available in limited quantities. This can be a result of limited yield in the lab and our desire to grow out a larger quantity of certain crosses.

At this time we do not offer online sales of flasks, as availability fluctuates too quickly to keep up. If you wish to place an order, send an email to [email protected] and we will be glad to assist you.

Quantity and wholesale discounts are available.