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Here you will find items we have added in the last month or so

Paphiopedilum species, we offer a wide variety for discriminating collectors and casual hobbyists

Paphiopedilum hybrids come in a wide range of sizes, shapes and colors. Their blooming season depends on what species are in their background. Take a look through our are bound to find something that suits your taste!

Complex or 'bulldog' Paphs are prized for their large, waxy, long-lasting flowers. Their peak blooming season is October through April. We will always look to fill orders with plants in spike during these cooler months.

Multifloral Paphs are the largest and most striking of the slipper orchids. Generally these are warm growing and bloom from spring through summer. While these are the largest Paphs, we have breeding lines focused on producing more compact plants so that those who have limited space can enjoy these highly desirable orchids.

The American cousins of the Asian Paphs. Most Phrags require more moisture than Paphs, as always there are exceptions. We are just getting started with this group so expect our selection to get better over the next few years.

Some things just don't fit in another category! For us 'other' will refer to Jewel Orchids, Mexipedium, flasks and who knows what else.

Plants from the world renowned Tokyo Orchid Nursery

This is where you will find one of a kind items. High quality blooming plants and divisions of our best/awarded plants. Check back often especially through the fall an winter blooming season.