Paphiopedilum Delta Breeze


Paphiopedilum Delta Breeze (Hawaiian Volcano x mastersianum)

A colorful hybrid with bright greens and pinks, as well as darker burgundy. Every one is different! The mastersianum parent also brings heavy substance so the flowers have a nice gloss and last a long time.

Blooming size seedlings in 2.25″ pots.

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Paphiopedilum Delta Breeze is a cross between Paph (Hawaiian Volcano x mastersianum). The Hawaiian Volcano is the flower in the background of our home page. Crossed to mastersianum we get lovely bright green accented with soft pink. It also brings substance and gloss to the flowers so they last a long time. Some will bloom with more intense red/burgundy color…every one is different!

This hybrid is easy to grow and flower. Moderate light and warm temperatures will keep them thriving.