Paphiopedilum King’s Vintage


Paphiopedilum King’s Vintage (Via Luna Este x King Charles)

This hybrid gives us a wide variety of plants, from smaller standard complex down to true teacups. Colors will range from pink through reds, largely dominated by Paph charlesworthii.

Blooming size plats in 2.25″ pots.



Paphiopedilum King’s Vintage is a hybrid between (Via Luna Este x King Charles). Via Luna Este is a smaller complex Paph. Crossed to King Charles we have seen a mix of teacup types and smaller standard complex. This is a similar hybrid to Paphiopedilum Sierra Sunrise, which is (Via Luna Este x charlesworthii). King Charles should give us larger, fuller flowers due to the influence of Paph Hellas.

There will be some variation among these seedlings. The first to bloom have shown heavy influence from Paph charlesworthii. We expect to see some that resemble Via Luna Este, with more pink in the flower and less charlesworthii shape.

This hybrid grows like any other complex Paph. It takes moderate light and tolerates a wide range of temperatures. Follow our care tips and these will grow and bloom quite easily.


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