Paphiopedilum Vogue Paradise


Paphiopedilum Vogue Paradise (Vogue Wonder x Hawaiian Volcano)

Simply outstanding! We shipped a couple flasks of these to Holland where they bloomed 9 months later. The photos sent back were amazing. This cross will produce many awards!

Blooming size plants in 2.25″ pots. These have been flowering on very small plants. When they grow up they should be even more spectacular.

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Paphiopedilum Vogue Paradise is a cross of (Vogue Wonder x Hawaiian Volcano). This hybrid has remarkable vigor. Flasks sent to Holland bloomed within 9 months! The flower quality has been excellent even on small plants. In fact, the smaller plants seem to be producing more colorful flowers than the larger ones.

Vogue Wonder was produced by the Orchid Zone. We have used it to make some excellent hybrids. When crossed to Hawaiian Volcano we have a hybrid with exceptional potential. There will be many awards given to this cross!

These seedlings have shown remarkable vigor. These are very easy to grow and flower. Following our cultural tips will help you grow these to their full potential.

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