Paphiopedilum Mini Vini


Paphiopedilum Mini Vini (Petula’s Sensation x barbatum v nigritum)

This is a very cute little Maudiae hybrid. Most teacup breeding has been with complex Paphs, but here we went in a different direction. Paph barbatum v. nigritum keeps these plants very compact. They will bloom in a 2″ pot. Most are vinicolor but some are coloratum.

Strong seedlings in 2″ pots.

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Paphiopedilum Mini Vini is a cross of (Petula’s Sensation x barbatum v. nigritum). The barbatum parent makes this a mini or teacup hybrid, that will stay very small and compact. A good percentage bloom out dark burgundy but the cross does throw some coloratum, or pink with green flowers. That is the nature of Paph breeding.

These are easy to grow and can produce a specimen plant in a 3.5″ pot!