Paphiopedilum liemianum


Paphiopedilum liemianum (‘Cabernet’ x ‘Melancia’)

Colorful sequential blooming species. We have had one of these in bloom for almost 2 years!

Strong seedlings in 2.25″ pots. We are just releasing a few of these right now as we plan to grow the rest up to blooming size.

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Paphiopedilum liemianum is a sequential blooming species from the Indonesian islands. Plants in this group produce one flower at a time, but continue to bloom on the same spike for months. Mature plants can continue to flower for over a year.

This cross was made with our very best example of this species…better than our FCC! We expect some amazing results from this cross.

The habitat for this species is warm and humid. Jay’s site has more specific details. We grow these with our Maudiae Paphs with moderate light and warm temperatures.