Paphiopedilum hookerae


Paphiopedilum hookerae

Striking foliage, beautiful violet petals and a bright green dorsal make this a highly desirable species. This species can be touchy and is not recommended for beginners. That said, these are growing really well!

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Paph hookerae is a rare and colorful species from Borneo. The leaves have bold, distinctive markings making it an interesting plant even when it is not in bloom. The flowers appear in the spring and summer months and have a great combination of green and pink.

This species has a reputation for being difficult to grow. It is important to consider the plant’s native habitat so that you can provide the right conditions for optimum growth. Paph hookerae is from a tropical region and is found at fairly low elevation. Temperatures are consistently warm year-round, seldom falling below 65 F. They receive over 100″ of rain annually, so the plants never dry out.

We have had great success with this species when we keep them on seedling heat mats set to 68 F. That allows us to drop the greenhouse temperatures into the 50’s and not have tp worry about chilling sensitive species like this. Other than that, just follow our tips for mottled leaf Paphs here and you should have great success.

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