Paphiopedilum Karl Ploberger


Paphiopedilum Karl Ploberger (bellatulum x hangianum)

Big, colorful flowers on fairly compact plants. The hangianum parent brings big flowers, the bellatulum parent brings color and keeps the plant size down. Very striking flowers!

Strong seedlings in 2.25″ pots.

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Paphiopedilum Karl Ploberger is a primary hybrid of (bellatulum x hangianum). The result is a large flower thanks to the hangianum parent with plenty of burgundy/red spots and stippling from the bellatulum parent. The flowers are quite striking in person. The photo is one of the first to bloom from this grex..I neglected to get a good photo before we packed it up and sold it at a show. It was a very impressive flower, especially for a first bloom seedling.

These are easy to grow. Just don’t let them sit with ‘wet feet’, especially in the winter.