Paphiopedilum Foothill Fountain


Paphiopedilum Foothill Fountain (Fumimasa Sugiyama x laevigatum ‘Corey’ HCC/AOS)

A vigorous, long-petaled multifloral hybrid. The parents are pictured as we neglected to take a photo of the first one to bloom!

Overgrown seedlings in 2.25″ pots, ready to pot up to 3.5″ pots. Near blooming size, could spike in 2021.

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Paphiopedilum Foothill Fountain is (Fumimasa Sugiyama x laevigatum ‘Corey’ HCC/AOS). Fumimasa Sugiyama is (platyphyllum x sanderianum). Our Fumimasa Sugiyama has very wide petals that are also long and graceful. We crossed it with Paph laevigatum to bring in more color while maintaining petal length. This will also bring down the plant size very nicely.

We bloomed the first on this summer but neglected to take a photo. It was pretty much what we expected, with long, graceful petals. It bloomed on a plant about half the size of the pod parent, which was great.

This is a vigorous multifloral hybrid. It will thrive with bright light, warm temperatures and regular feeding. If you follow our helpful care tips you can grow like a pro!

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