Paphiopedilum Gloria Naugle


Paphiopedilum Gloria Naugle ‘In-Charm Red’ mericlone

Yes, a Paphiopedilum mericlone! This is an exceptional quality Gloria Naugle so it was mericloned in limited numbers. No need to bloom out dozens of seedlings or buy an expensive division to find that great Gloria Naugle.

Blooming size plants in 3.5″ pots.

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Paphiopedilum Gloria Naugle is a primary hybrid of (rothschildianum x micranthum). It is one of the most striking multifloral hybrids, with bold stripes and brilliant colors. These plants are mericlones. Yes, Paphiopedilum can be cloned!

Unlike Phalaenopsis, which can literally be cloned in the hundreds of thousands, Paphiopedilum mericlones are produced in much smaller numbers. Generally the Paphiopedilum hybrids cloned are intersectional crosses like this one. When you bloom out a population of Gloria Naugle there is usually a wide range of flowers. Most are decent, some are a little funky and a small number are really nice. Cloning an exceptional plant makes sense. That way you know you are getting a great quality flower.

This hybrid can take a few years to get to blooming size. Once they reach full size the usually bloom every year. They grow well when given bright light and warm temperatures. We treat them like multiflorals, but they will tolerate lower light and temperatures. Check out our care tips to help you grow you plants like a pro!

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