Paphiopedilum sangii


Paph sangii is a relatively rare species. The flowers are very unique!

This species has a reputation as challenging to grow. These seedlings seem to be very vigorous for us, but they might not be ideal for novice growers.

Blooming size plants in 2″pots…these should spike next spring.

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Paphiopedilum sangii is a highly desirable species from Indonesia. The flowers have a very unique form along with striking colors. It can be challenging to grow, but if you consider its requirements it can grow well for you. This species grows in a region that receives over 100″ of rainfall annually so it never dries out. We use a well drained mix and water frequently.

When its requirements are met Paph sangii grows quickly and flowers in the summer months. Just treat them like any other mottled leaf Paph but consider their water requirements. You can find cultural tips for your Paphs on our care page that can help you grow like a pro!

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