Phragmipedium Quintal Rewards


Phragmipedium Quintal Rewards

Phrag kovachii is more than one third of this hybrid so it should dominate the flower. Since we are F2 and F3 from kovachii here we should have relatively easy plants to grow, unlike the species which can be a challenge. We haven’t seen one bloom yet so we just used a random kovachii hybrid.

Blooming size plants in 5″ pots.

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Phragmipedium Quintal Rewards is (Frank Quintal x Incan Treasure). The pod parent is 25% kovachii, the pollen parent is 50% kovachii. So we have a plant this is 37.5% kovachii, 34% longifolium, with pearcei, besseae and schlimii making up the rest. No photos yet, but it should be a very nice thing! Frabk Quintal is a very full, round petaled flower, Incan Treasure is more downswept.