Mexipedium xerophyticum


Mexipedium xerophyticum

Seedlings of this highly sought after species can be to come by. These are well established seedlings in 2″ pots. They will take a few years to flower from this size but they are growing well.


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Mexipedium xerophyticum is a rare species from Mexico. Some taxonomists consider it to be a  Phragmipedium as they do not like monotypic genera. We refuse to call it a Phrag as there is nothing about its flower form or growth habit that suggests it belongs there.

This species is known from a very small population in the wild, and is still relatively rare in the hobby. The plants are often reluctant to set seed and the seed can be challenging in the lab. We think we have ‘cracked the code’ so to speak, and have good quantities in production.

Despite its relative rarity this species is easy to grow. It prefers a well drained media, moderate to bright light and warm temperatures. If you are looking for cultural tips from our care page just use multifloral Paphs as the general guideline. We grow them along side these in the nursery. In reality their habitat is very much like that of the Parvi group of Paphiopedilum. They grow on limestone and have distinct wet and dry seasons. It’s just warmer where Mexipedium grow. You can learn more about their habitat on Jay’s site.

The plants produce new growths on stolons (runners) that can be several inches long. These stolons often creep out of the pot and must be carefully guided back in. If they are not in contact with the potting media they will not root.

This species is almost extinct in situ so our artificial propagation program is very important. Mexipedium is native to a very small limestone outcrop that is prone to fires. As a result the tiny population of wild plants is in peril. One of our blog posts gives a more detailed description of the species and its history. Please drop us a line if you have any questions!

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