Phragmipedium QF ula’ula


Phragmipedium QF ula’ula (Haley Decker x Eric Young)

This cross is 25% Phrag kovachii, so expect large flowers in various shades of pink. Phrag Eric Young is a proven parent with an excellent track record. This should be dynamite!

Blooming size plants in 5″ pots.

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Phragmipedium QF ula’ula is (Haley Decker x Eric Young). Eric Young has a long history of making excellent hybrids, and this one should be no different. Expect large, colorful flowers in various shades of pink.

This hybrid is easy to grow as long as it is kept from drying out. The little bit of Phrag schlimii in this hybrid should give it some warmth tolerance so we think intermediate to warm temperatures will be fine.