Phragmipedium QF Ula’ula


Phragmipedium QF Ula’ula (Haley Decker x Eric Young)

This should be a stunning, large pink flowered hybrid. It promises to be a real winner.

Blooming size plants in 5″ pots.


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Phragmipedium QF Ula’ula is (Haley Decker x Eric Young). Haley Decker is (kovachii x Saint Ouen), and is truly stunning. Eric Young is a fine parent and these should be simply outstanding. Expecting large pink flowers on tall stems.

There is quite a bit of besseae and longifolium in this hybrid, so it is one of the ones that wants plenty of water. Hopefully the 6% Phrag schlimii will give this a little warmth tolerance.


We haven’t bloomed on of these yet, but we used a Haley Decker photo for the time being.