Phragmipedium Paul Eugene Conroy


Phragmipedium Paul Eugene Conroy (wallisii x longifolium)

This hybrid is easy to grow and doesn’t require the cool, wet conditions that many other Phrags do. Striking flowers with long petals appear in succession for up to several months.

Blooming size plants in 5″ pots.

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Phragmipedium Paul Eugene Conroy is (wallisii x longifolium). The result is a very attractive, long-petaled Phrag with tremendous vigor. Phragmipedium wallisii is a species that grows warm, bright and on the dry side. Phragmipedium longifolium grows in more shade and prefers to be cooler and wetter. When these two species are combined we get a plant with a wide range of tolerance for temperature and moisture.

We grow these intermediate to warm and provide a well drained potting mix. This is fast grower that will form lovely specimen plants.

Photo courtesy of Ramon de los Santos.