Phragmipedium wallisii


Phragmipedium wallisii

A beautiful long petaled species. This cross was made with exceptional parents and should produce fantastic flowers.

Near blooming size plants in 2.25″ rose pots.

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Phragmipedium wallisii is a long petaled slipper orchid species from Central and South America. It is also known as Phragmipedium warscewiczianum, and some authorities consider this the correct name. That’s for the taxonomists to figure out. The petals can grow up to 75 cm in length. This species grows on exposed rocks. Jay’s site has more details on its habitat.

We find this to be the easiest and most vigorous of the long petaled Phrags. We grow them bright and warm, with our multifloral Paphs.

These plants come from a cross we made from a large group of seedlings we purchased from the Orchid Zone. We bloomed them out and made a sibling cross with the best two. There should be some excellent flowers from this cross.