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Paphiopedilum Tiny Tot (helenae 4n x Emerald Ring ‘Auxerrois’ AM/AOS)

This is a select seedling with award potential. Also good potential as a parent for more teacup breeding. It has excellent form and size, especially for a first bloom seedling.

The plant is in bloom in a 2.25″ pot with a new growth emerging. Listed 10/30/23…may be out of bloom when shipped.


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Paphiopedilum Tiny Tot is a cross of (helenae 4n x Emerald Ring). This is a tetraploid teacup hybrid, so it should breed on well with other complex Paphs. This will open up many new possibilities in teacup breeding. Most teacups so far have been diploid or triploid.

These are blooming on very small plants that are only 18 months out of the lab. This promises to be one of the finest teacups we have ever offered!