Paphiopedilum fairrieanum album


Paphiopedilum fairrieanum album (‘Bacchus’ x ‘Dijon’ AM/AOS)

This is a sibling cross from our vigorous, awarded breeding line. We expect some exceptional plants from this cross. Many awards should follow!

Sturdy seedlings in 2″ pots that are 1 to 2 years from blooming.


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Paphiopedilum fairrieanum is native to India and neighboring countries. It grows at fairly high altitude on limestone cliffs. The area has heavy seasonal monsoon rainfall, and even in the dry season it receives drizzle and heavy dews. As a result this species never dries out completely. However it should never be allowed to stand in water or have the growing media get soggy.

Paphiopedilum fairrieanum album is the non-pigmented form of the species. It is also referred to as Paph fairrieanum f. bohlmannianum. This form does not occur as a stable population in the wild. It appeared as a result of recessive gene expression in line bred plants in cultivation.

(‘Bacchus’ x ‘Dijon’ AM/AOS) is a sibling cross of our awarded strain. This breeding line has shown tremendous vigor. In fact these sibling used to make the cross pushed up their first spikes 15 months out of flask! We expect some exceptional quality and vigor from this cross as well.

As mentioned above, this species should never dry out completely. An extra watering during hot spells seems to do the trick for us. We grow them with our complex hybrids and they do very well. Check out our care page for more cultural details.

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