Paphiopedilum superbiens var. curtisii


Paph superbiens var. curtisii

Large, stately flowers on tall stems are what we have here. As a bonus the foliage is very distinctive so the plant looks great even when it is not in bloom.

These are strong plants in 2″ pots that are ready to bloom in the next year.

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Paphiopedilum superbiens var. curtisii originates from Indonesia. According to Harold Koopowitz ‘variety curtisii’ has a more triangular pouch, darker color and shorter petals with tiny warts. This species has large, striking flowers on tall stems. One of the best features of this species is its beautiful foliage, making it an attractive addition to your collection even when it’s not in bloom.

This species is easy to grow and bloom, and can form impressive specimen plants in a few years. The blooming season is usually spring through summer. It does well with other warm growing mottled leaf species and hybrids. You can find more details on culture here.

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