Paphiopedilum stonei


Paph stonei is a really stunning species that is not too common in collections. They are slow growers until they get close to blooming size, which accounts for their scarcity. Once up to size they are good growers and reliable bloomers.

These plants are about 3 years from blooming, but this is the size where they start to really grow well.


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Paphiopedilum stonei is a large multifloral species from Borneo. This is a notoriously slow species to grow from flask. It is even slower than Paphiopedilum sanderianum. However, once they are up to blooming size they are usually reliable growers and bloomers.

An interesting (and frustrating) tendency of this species is that it will often put up a sheath a year or more before developing a flower spike. the flowers are worth the wait as they are quite striking.

Give this species warm temperatures and bright light and it will grow well. We have more details on growing multifloral Paphs on our care page.

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