Paphiopedilum Robinianum NBS


Paphiopedilum Robinianum (lowii x parishii)

This is a very vigorous multifloral hybrid that will have up to 7 flowers per spike. We used two very high quality parents for this cross and we expect many awards. A very easy to grow multifloral hybrid.

Near blooming size seedlings in 3.5″ pots. This group should start to bloom in spring 2025.

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Paphiopedilum Robinianum is a primary hybrid between (parishii x lowii). This is one of the easiest multifloral Paphs to grow. The plants have remarkable vigor and will bloom reliably every spring/summer.

The flowers are large, colorful and you get up to 7 on each spike. These will grow into beautiful specimen plants in just a few years. Just give them bright light and keep them warm.

Flower photo courtesy of Ramon de los Santos.