Paphiopedilum Mem. Albert Eickhoff


Paphiopedilum Mem. Albert Eickhoff (kolopakangii x stonei)

This is a large multifloral hybrid with spectacular spikes that can have 6 flowers or more. Very impressive!

Robust blooming size plants on 5″ pots.

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Paphiopedilum Mem. Albert Eickhoff is a primary hybrid of (kolopakangii x stonei). Paphiopedilum kolopakangii is a large multifloral species that can have 10 or more flowers per spike. Paphiopedilum stonei brings its distinctive dorsal sepal stripes to the hybrid. The flowers can be quite impressive, especially when the plant is mature and you get 6 to 8 flowers open at once.

This is an easy hybrid to grow as the plants are very vigorous. They do get fairly large so make sure you have the space for them…but they are worth it! I have a really nice, award quality example of this hybrid but I can’t locate the photo, so for now we have a Paph stonei photo.