Paphiopedilum (Lefty Kei x rothschildianum)


Paphiopedilum (Lefty Kei ‘Pomerol’ SM/CSA x rothschildianum ‘Paradise One’)

Paph Lefty Kei is (William Ambler x sanderianum). Crossed to our very colorful clone of rothschildianum we should get large colorful flowers with long petals. The actual parents are shown in the photos.

These are large seedlings in 2.25″ pots that are overdue for repotting.

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Paphiopedilum (Lefty Kei x rothschildianum) is a new hybrid made with two of our best multiflorals. Paph Lefty Kei is (William Ambler x sanderianum). Our awarded clone has amazing color, with beautiful mahogany flowers. Crossed to our colorful Paph rothschildianum ‘Paradise One’ we should see some excellent flowers.