Paphiopedilum Little Pinky-select


Paphiopedilum Little Pinky-select

This is a wonderful little teacup Paph with award potential. There is a bright green background that really makes to spots ‘pop’. This select seedling has better shape than our 80 point AM/AOS, and definitely has award potential. This is a first bloom and out of season…it should be even better on a mature plant in cooler weather.

This strong seedling is in a 2.25″ pot with one growth in bloom and two new growths. Don’t hesitate…I may pull this and use it for breeding if it sits here too long! I have a few ideas for crosses already.

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Paphiopedilum Little Pinky-select is a one of the best seedlings we have seen from this cross. The hybrid is (King Charles x Mem. Sandra Pechter Song). The first to bloom was pink so that’s how the hybrid got named, but the colors have been variable. This one has an exceptionally flat dorsal sepal, and really hits the target for the teacup breeding lines. It looks like a big lollipop on the compact plant.

We have one award to this hybrid, and this one has a much better dorsal sepal and it’s larger. This one should be awarded at some point.