Paphiopedilum henryanum


Paph henryanum (‘Beaujolais’ x ‘Richard’)

The third generation of our henryanum breeding. ‘Richard’ has been a proven parent for us, and ‘Beaujolais’ was one of the most vigorous plants with excellent flowers from the previous generation.

These are blooming size plants in 2″ pots. This strain blooms on  very small plants.

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Paphiopedilum henryanum is a small species that originates from China and Vietnam. It was discovered relatively recently in 1987. Selective breeding has improved the form and color. Today’s flowers are larger, flatter and more intensely colored than the original specimens.

This species is found growing on rocks in mixed forests. The summers are warm and rainy while the winters are cooler and drier. Winter temperatures can drop into the upper 40’s F. More details about its natural habitat can be found at the Internet Orchid Species Encyclopedia.

We find these easy to grow. They flower from late summer through early winter for us. You can find cultural tips on our care and feeding page.  We grow them along with our complex hybrids.

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