Paphiopedilum barbatum


Paphiopedilum barbatum 

This is a very cute little species. They will bloom in a 2.25″ pot with a leaf span of only 4″. It is also quite easy to grow and flower. A great addition to your collection!

Blooming size in 2.25″ pots.

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Paphiopedilum barbatum is a small species.  The plants have attractive mottled foliage and can form specimen plants in a 3.5″ pot. It is native to Malaysia and Thailand. You can learn more about this species on Jay’s site.

This is an easy plant to grow and bloom. They are not demanding and will reward you with flowers in the spring and summer months. Just grow them like any other mottled leaf Paphiopedilum. We have some care tips here.

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