In-spike Complex Paphiopedilum 3-pack – Free Shipping


Looking for blooming plants?

We will select 3 strong in-bud plants. They will be ready to bloom for you 2 to 4 weeks after arrival! The selections lean heavily towards red tones so far this season but we will send the best assortment we can.

In the cooler winter months, these waxy flowers stay in bloom for 8 weeks or longer.

These plants are easy to grow in the home, requiring moderate light and temperatures. Their typical blooming season is October through April.

Colors can range from yellow-green, green and white, spotted red, solid red, and others.

Our choice based on what we have in bud at the time.

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These in-spike complex Paphiopedilum hybrid or ‘bulldog’ Paphs, as they are also known, have been popular for decades. They are called complex because of their genetic background. There are many species that make up their heritage and these hybrids trace their ancestry back over 100 years.

Complex Paphs tend to bloom in the cooler months, usually from October through March when the days are short. This works well for us as they help brighten up those dreary winter days. The flowers are heavy and waxy and can last for eight weeks or more.

They come in a range of colors including white, yellow, green, sunset tones, red, and spotted. The white, yellow, and green flowers tend to bloom on the early side of the season, while the reds and spotted tend to bloom from mid to late season. Of course, there are always exceptions and we try to have as much variety as possible available at any given time.

Complex hybrids are easy to grow. They do not require high light…even a north window can provide adequate light. We have tips on their culture¬†here to help you keep these plants looking their best.

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