Phragmipedium exstaminodium


Phragmipedium exstaminodium

This is a relatively rare species in cultivation. It has long petals similar to Phag caudatum, but lacks the staminodal shield.

Blooming size plants in 3.5″ pots. VERY limited! The flower photo is a similar species…we will add the correct one soon.

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Phragmipedium exstaminodium is a long-petalled Phrag from then group that includes caudatum, warscewicianium and the like. It is as easy to grow as the others in the group but it is seldom seen offered for sale. As the name implies it lacks a staminode.

This species is found in Mexico and Guatemala and according to Jay’s site it may take a bit more water than the other long-petaled species. We are still keeping them in a well-drained mix and allowing them to dry slightly between waterings.