Phragmipedium Don Wimber


Phragmipedium Don Wimber

This is a wonderful Phrag besseae hybrid with colorful flowers on tall stems. Mature plants can have branched inflorescences and can carry several flowers at one time.

Blooming size plants in 4″ pots.

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Phragmipedium Don Wimber is (Eric Young x besseae). This is a very popular hybrid that is 75% Phrag besseae and 25% Phrag longifolium. The result is a colorful hybrid with tall spikes. The flowers appear one or two at a time, sequentially over several months. Mature plants can stay in bloom for much of the year with branched spikes that are quite striking.

Both of the parent species prefer plenty of moisture. Hybrid vigor makes this plant much easier to grow. Phrag besseae can be particularly challenging as it prefers cool conditions. However, we find this plant to be quite tolerant of intermediate conditions.

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