Phragmipedium caudatum-large

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This is a very desirable species with very long petals…up to 70 cm or more! As Phrags go this is a fairly easy species to grow. They tolerate warmer temperatures and do not need to be kept as wet as many other Phrag species.

These are large seedlings in 3.5″ pots, most with 2 growths.

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Phragmipedium caudatum  large is a long petaled Phrag from throughout South and Central America. The petals can be 75 cm long…very impressive! It grows in a wide range of habitats from exposed rocks to perched in trees. You can learn more about this species on Jay’s site.

Unlike many other Phrags, this species does not require constant moisture. We grow them with our multifloral Paphs, in bright light and warm temperatures.

This cross promises to produce some excellent examples of this species. We bloomed out a few dozen plants from the Orchid Zone ands selected the best two. We made a sibling cross from these and they should be outstanding.