Paphiopedilum Majestic Snow-select


Paphiopedilum Majestic Snow-select

This is a very high potential seedling. The petals are 6.5 cm wide but the dorsal got caught behind the synsepal so it didn’t open quite right. This could prove to be a steal if the flower opens properly on a larger plant and has 7 cm petals.

This plant is in bloom in a 3.5″ pot with 2 or 3 new growths. May be out of bloom when shipped.

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Paphiopedilum Majestic Snow-select is a cross of (Ice Age x Elfstone). The petals are 6.5 cm wide, giving this plant very high potential. Unfortunately, we repotted this plant in late fall and the mix is a little dry. It also got set by our multiflorals so it didn’t get watered like our complex. This caused the dorsal sepal to slip outside the synsepal on one side, as you can see in the photo. The result is a wonky dorsal. Complex Paphs need good, even moisture while their buds develop. If they get too dry things like this happen.

This could be a remarkable flower next year when the plant is larger and better established, but complex are not our focus so I am letting it go. Well worth the investment for a fan of white complex breeding lines.