Paphiopedilum Dream Treasure


Paphiopedilum Dream Treasure

This is a second generation fairrieanum hybrid. You still get the big dorsal and downswept petals, but the flower segments are a bit wider than the first generation. We have seen a mixture of burgundy and lighter colors from this cross. The foliage doesn’t seem to give too many clues as to what color the flower might be.

Blooming size plants in 3.5″ pots.

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Paphiopedilum Dream Treasure is (Harvest Dream x Hawaiian Treasure). It is a second generation fairrieanum hybrid as Harvest Dream is (Macabre Chant x fairrieanum). We have seen some large flowers with that classic fairrieanum shape. There have been a mixture of dark colors and coloratums.

These are easy to grow and have very attractive patterns on their foliage.