Paphiopedilum delenatii-in spike


Paphiopedilum delenatii-in spike!

This is a wonderful spring blooming species that belongs in every orchid collection. Easy to grow, these will form great specimen plants that put on a display of many flower spikes. One of the few fragrant Paphs!

These are in spike plants in 3.5″ pots….with free shipping!

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Paphiopedilum delenatii is a popular slipper orchid species from Vietnam. It was first discovered back in the early 1900’s, but it wasn’t found again until the 1980’s. It is found on hillsides and cliffs, which means it doesn’t like wet feet. The area where it grows receives very heavy rainfall in the autumn months. You can find more details about its habitat at Jay’s online orchid species encyclopedia.

This is one of the few Paphs that is fragrant. The plants produce one or two flowers per stem in the spring months, usually peaking around March and April. They are one of the easier Paph species to grow and have attractive foliage. A nice feature when the plant isn’t blooming!

We grow these along side our complex Paphs, but they are quite adaptable and will do well anywhere your other Paphs are happy. For more details on Paph culture, check out our care page.