Paphiopedilum (Angel Hair x wenshanense)


Paphiopedilum (Angel Hair x wenshanense)

This is a very unique hybrid between a sanderianum hybrid and a Brachy species. As they are seedlings each one will be different but some have been simply stunning. Attractive mottled foliage.

Blooming size plants in 3.5″ pots. Limited, and once these are gone that’s it!

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Paphiopedilum (Angel Hair x wenshanense) is an interesting combination of a sanderianum hybrid with a Brachy species. I would never have thought that these could be anything exciting, but the results speak for themselves. Yellow flowers with stripes and spots all over them. The foliage is also quite attractive.

These are seedlings so each ne will be different. Some have longer petals, some have more red stripes. They are vigorous growers that just need moderate light and intermediate to warm temperatures.