Assorted Phrags-2 for $65

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Assorted Phrags-2 for $65

These are various hybrids that have gotten to be ‘in the way’. Most are multi-growth plants, most could use repotting!

Strong healthy seedlings, some of these retail for $75 or more each. You can state preferences (pink, long petals, etc.) We will try to accommodate you but we can’t guarantee that we will be able to. Dealer’s choice! You will not be disappointed.

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Assorted Phrags-2 for $65 are offered to help clear some odds and ends off the benches. Ones and twos are too difficult to list online and there are no shows for the time being.

Strong, robust plants! When we did this with our Maudiae Paphs they sold out fast and the feedback was fantastic.

All types of Phrag hybrids are offered here.