Tolumnia Jairak Rainbow 3 pack


Tolumnia Jairak Rainbow

This is a brilliantly colored hybrid that blooms in a wide range of colors and can have bold spots and blotches. These are seedlings so every one is different.

You get 3 blooming size seedlings for $49, so you can get a range of colors.

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Tolumnia Jairak Rainbow is a popular Tolumnia hybrid that literally comes in a rainbow of colors. They range from yellow, yellow with spots and blotches, through pinks and reds to deep burgundy. Many have bold patterns that are quite striking.

Tolumnia are easy to grow as long as you don’t keep them too wet. They do not respond well to being potted but prefer to be on a mount or in a small basket.

These are individual seedlings, not clones, so every one is different.

Photos courtesy of Kathy Barrett and Ramon de los Santos.