Phragmipedium QF John Taylor


Phragmipedium QF John Taylor

A wonderful long-petaled Phrag hybrid. These plants are quite vigorous and bloom easily. Recommended!

Blooming size seedlings.

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Phragmipedium QF John Taylor is (longifolium x Penns Creek Cascade). The pollen parent is (Grande x wallisii), which means we have long petals on both sides. We also have longifolium on both sides. The result is a vigorous hybrid with attractive long-petaled flowers.

The long petaled species in the background of this hybrid should give it some tolerance for drier conditions. However this plant is over 50% Phrag longifolium, which grows in areas where water seeps by the roots constantly. We recommend growing these in a mix with good water holding capacity. You can find more details about Phragmipedium cultureĀ here.

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