Phragmipedium Demetria


Phragmipedium Demetria (caudatum x sargentianum)

A vigorous and showy primary hybrid. Easy to grow and flower!

Robust blooming size plants in 4″ pots.

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Phragmipedium Demetria is a primary hybrid between Phrag (caudatum x sargentianum). The flowers can be a bit variable…some have longer petals like caudatum, some are a bit shorter. Like most primary hybrids this plant is very vigorous. It will also tolerate drier growing conditions than its parent sargentianum, which needs constant moisture.

We grow these like other caudatum hybrids. They grow well in bright light and intermediate to warm conditions.

We don’t have a phot of this hybrid in bloom yet. The photo we used has longer petals than we expect from this cross.