Paphiopedilum Yerba Ice


Paphiopedilum Yerba Ice (Yerba Buena x Ice Age)

This is a vigorous and colorful complex hybrid. The flowers have ranged from spots, to pale pinks, greens and yellows. No two are alike!

Blooming size plants in 3.5″ pots.


Paphiopedilum Yerba Ice is (Yerba Buena x Ice Age).¬† When I first decided to make complex hybrids, Terry Root at the Orchid Zone handed me a plant and said I ‘had to have this if I want to breed complex Paphs’. The plant was Paph Yerba Buena ‘White Cap’ HCC/AOS. This hybrid was registered back in 1955 and has made 125 hybrids over the years. While most of these were back in the 1900’s, there are 31 new hybrids using Yerba Buena since 2000. This means it is still an important parent to hybridizers to this day.

One thing we have noticed from this hybrid is exceptional vigor. The flower photos we posted are on plants in 2″pots. We expect better flowers on the larger plants in 3.5″ pots. What’s interesting is that no two flowers are alike. We were hoping for whites, but we have spots, yellows and greens. A very unique hybrid.

Complex Paph hybrids are very easy to grow. Just provide them with the conditions that we recommend¬†here and you can’t go wrong.


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