Paphiopedilum Wonder Web


Paphiopedilum Wonder Web (Wood Wonder x Macasar Web)

This is a fantastic new hybrid that blooms in a range of colors. Flowers can be anywhere from pink through dark vinicolor burgundy.

Blooming size plants in 2.25″ pots.



Paphiopedilum Wonder Web is a cross between (Wood Wonder x Macasar Web). Paph Wood Wonder is one of the finest hybrids made with the famous Paph Macabre. Paph Macabre was one of the best mottled leaf hybrids made by the Orchid Zone, and has been a parent to well over 100 crosses.

For this cross we took a large coloratum form of Wood Wonder and crossed it to a huge vinicolor Macasar Web. The result is a range of colors from pink coloratum types to dark vinicolor. There have been very few spot on the petals of the first ones to open, which is surprising considering the Wood Wonder parent was heavily spotted. We expect some very fine quality flowers from this cross. Awards will surely follow!

This hybrid is easy to grow. All it needs is moderate light and warm temperatures and it will reward you with beautiful flowers! You can find more specific cultural tips here.

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