Paphiopedilum Urban Vogue


Paphiopedilum Urban Vogue

This cross of Paphiopedilum (urbanianum x Vogue Wonder). The flowers have been very colorful and the plants are extremely vigorous.

We hope to see some of these bloom out with intense color on very wide petals.



Paphiopedilum Urban Vogue is a hybrid between Paphiopedilum (urbanianum x Vogue Wonder). The Vogue Wonder had extremely wide petal (approaching 4 centimeters!) Our goal was to get wide petals that have the pink color of Paph urbanianum. The first to flower have had petal color ranging from light pink to fairly intense pink. One had very wide petals but less pink. Somewhere in this seedling population there should be the one we were hoping for…wide petals with intense pink color.

Paph urbanianum hasn’t been used too often in Maudiae breeding so we were curious to see the results. This first thing we noticed is that this hybrid has tremendous vigor. These seedlings are growing like weeds! What is the bestv way to grow them? Just check out our culture page for tips.

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