Paphiopedilum Temptation in the Hay


Paphiopedilum Temptation in the Hay (Temptation album x haynaldianum album)

A unique multifloral hybrid with exceptional vigor. The photo is one of our first plants to bloom. Very unique color for a multifloral Paph!

Blooming size plants in 3.5″ pots.



Paphiopedilum Temptation in the Hay is a cross between (Temptation album x haynaldianum album). The Temptation wasn’t quite 100% album. This means we should see a broad range of colors from this cross, including some true albums. This hybrid should produce up to 6 or 7 flowers per spike when mature.

Hybrids made with Paphiopedilum haynaldianum tend to be very vigorous and easy to grow. This cross is no exception. The first plant bloomed 3.5 years out of flask. That’s very fast for a multifloral hybrid.

Grow this hybrid like any other multifloral Paphiopedilum. Bright light and warm temperatures will reward you with beautiful blooms. We have more detailed cultural tipsĀ here.

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