Paphiopedilum Stone Temple


Paphiopedilum Stone Temple

Temptation looks like a giant Paph philippinense with up to 8 flowers per spike. Our Temptation has particularly large flowers.

Crossed with Paph stonei we get something that resembles Mt. Toro, but with a higher flower count. Blooming size plants in 3.5″ pots.

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Paphiopedilum Stone Temple is (Temptation x stonei). Temptation is (philippinense x kolopakingii), and is known for a very high flower count. You can have up to 8 flowers per spike. The down side is the plants are huge. Here we have crossed Temptation with a compact growing form of Paph stonei. The result is a more manageable plant with flowers that resemble Paph Mt. Toro with potential for a higher flower count.

These plants are easy to grow. Like most multifloral hybrids they appreciate bright light and warm temperatures. We have care tips to help you grow you plants like a pro here.

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