Paphiopedilum (Samantha Rhodes x Village Green) x Cocoa Lovely


Paphiopedilum (Samantha Rhodes x Village Green) x Cocoa Lovely

We are expecting sunset or amber tones from this hybrid. There will be variation like any complex Paph but the sample photo should be a good representation of what colors to expect. This should be a wonderful hybrid.

Vigorous blooming size plants in 3.5″ pots.


Paphiopedilum (Samantha Rhodes x Village Green) has a sunset tone flower, with an amber background and orange hues. Paphiopedilum Cocoa Lovely is a yellow flower, as we should see amber and sunset tones from this hybrid. The photo posted with this listing should give a good idea of what colors we expect from this cross.

This has been a very vigorous grower so far for us. The plants are up to size now and we will see them flower this fall and winter. The great thing about complex or bulldog Paphs is that the flowers can last for two months or more. They do very will in average household conditions and are great for novice growers. How do you grow them? Just click here for details!

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