Paphiopedilum QF Mini


Paphiopedilum QF Mini (thaianum x leucochilum)

This is a fantastic miniature hybrid. The plants stay very small and will flower when only 1.5″ across. Easy to grow!

Blooming size plants in 2″ pots.

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Paphiopedilum QF Mini is a primary hybrid of (thaianum x leucochilum). Paphiopedilum thaianum is like a miniature Paphiopedilum niveum, which is a pretty small species itself. You can find more information on Paphiopedilum thaianum here.

One of the great advantages of hybrids made with this species is their compact size. They will bloom in a 1.5″ pot and you can grow a specimen plant in a 2.5″ pot. Great for growers with limited space and for growing under lights. even better…this hybrid is very easy to grow and flower!

Both parents of Paphiopedilum QF Mini are in the Brachypetalum section. For the most part this group grows in warm conditions with moderate light. This makes them ideal for indoor growers. We generally treat them like mottled leaf hybrids although most will benefit from added calcium in their fertilizer or potting media. Check out ourĀ care page for more tips on growing your Paphs!

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