Paphiopedilum (QF Black Beauty x philippinense)


Paphiopedilum (QF Black Beauty x philippinense)

A fantastic Paphiopedilum anitum hybrid with intense color and long, graceful petals. Very distinctive!

These are blooming size plants in 3.5″ pots.


Paphiopedilum QF Black Beauty is (Wossner Black Wings x adductum). Wossner Black Wings is (rothschildianum x anitum). With this hybrid we keep the dark color from Paph anitum and the strong dorsal from the roth. Now we add Paphiopedilum philippinense and get some graceful twisting in the petals. The color can vary among seedlings as some have nearly solid black dorsals, other have stripes. A very attractive hybrid!

These are relatively compact growers considering they are 25% Paph rothschildianum. They require the same conditions as any other multifloral hybrid. You can find growing tipsĀ here.

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