Paphiopedilum platyphyllum


Paphiopedilum platyphyllum

This is a fairly rare offering of a unique multifloral species. It produces tall spikes with up to 6 large flowers. We don’t have too many of these.

Large, robust plants in 5″ pots that should flower in 2020.

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Paphiopedilum platyphyllum was originally thought to be a variety of Paphiopedilum stonei. It was later separated and described as a separate species. According to Dr. Koopowitz there is still some discussion among taxonomists as to its status (Orchid Digest, Oct/Nov/Dec 2019).

Regardless of its status, the plant produces magnificent spikes with up to 6 impressive flowers. It is still fairly uncommon in the hobby as it was originally known from a very small collection of plants.

This species is slow to establish when small but becomes a robust grower once it gets close to blooming size. It is easy to grow and flower. Just follow our guidelines here and you will be very successful.

Flower photo courtesy of Alexej Popow.

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